22 Feb 2021

Producer and Post Supervisor Jason Starne had assembled an incredible team to begin post-production work on his second feature film, Red Stone. When COVID-19 hit, most creative projects across film and television paused indefinitely. However, Starne’s Project is maintaining its post-production Schedule with the help of SimpleCloud.

Together with Lead Editor Amanda Hughes, the Director, Derek Presley, Music Composer, Stephen Endelman, and Oscar-winning sound editor Skip Lievsay, Starne is able to maintain post-production continuity using SimpleCloud’s virtual workstation platform. This cloud-based platform is specifically design for digital content creators. In just a few minutes, SimpleCloud can spin up a virtual workstation for any team member, providing high computing power over any supported browser. Studio teams that are used to in-house collaboration and their hardware, now have access to all the files and applications needed across all the phases of production, including motion graphics and animation…


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