SimpleCloud Animation is a global, cloud-based platform for digital content management and creation, perfect for all companies and all collaborative tasks, from the simplest to the most demanding.
SimpleCloud offers dedicated applications for high GPU needs for customers in Animation, VFX and Advertising.
SimpleCloud provides a fully-integrated environment of virtual desks solutions in the cloud, allowing users to be connected to a virtual desk from anywhere through any device keeping access to its own configuration and software. There is no (or limited) upfront investment, you just pay for what you need when you need it.

SimpleCloud features innovative tools for creating virtual studios allowing users to:

  • View up to 50 virtual desks of colleagues in a same project.
  • Take control of the user’s session to help them immediately.
  • Controlled and secure access to the company’s software licenses.
  • Schedule virtual projects with pre-loaded custom profiles, software and data.
  • Extend the reach and use of project collaborators with remote connection to existing infrastructure.
  • In terms of access security, SimpleCloud has recently incorporated the Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication procedure into its platform.

Who is it for?

SimpleCloud is designed to be used by any professional or business, from small to global as well as professionals, who seek to collaborate with other colleagues. SimpleCloud leverages all the advantages of the cloud in a fully flexible, controlled, affordable and secure way to help optimize IT infrastructure.

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Anywhere in the world, leveraging the infrastructure provided by our partner IBM CLOUD SERVICES with 60 data centers around the world. We currently provide services from Dallas (USA), giving coverage to United States and Canada; from São Paulo (Brazil) for all Latam countries; from Frankfurt (Germany) for all Europe and from Tokyo (Japan) for Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.


Each data center in the IBM’s cloud has capacity to host thousands of servers (IBM Cloud bare metal servers). The space, electric power, network, staff and infrastructure are optimized in every location. The bandwidth and low latency of the network that interconnects the servers within the same location and among different locations, allow high availability and replication of data as well as optimal performance of the entire system. They are built with hardware and tools from market leaders, equipped with various power supplies, fiber links, dedicated generators and backup batteries. The redundant energy and cooling resources are inspected regularly to ensure stability. All locations are protected and the access to server rooms is limited to certified staff. The external auditors verify the controls and detailed reports are provided for their safety.



SimpleCloud uses Horizon 7, the leading virtualization platform for workstations and applications of VMware. This technology provides our users access to virtual desks, applications and on-line services keeping an optimal user experience, taking advantage of NVIDIA’s the GPU virtualization for cloud-based workstations with 3D capacities similar to those of on-site workstations.

This technology allows SimpleCloud to improve the collaborative workflow and cut down costs, allowing distributed teams to collaborate in graphic projects in real time in the cloud, increasing the security of critical data as well as protecting intellectual property, as stored data is centralized.


SimpleCloud uses NVIDIA virtual GPU technology to redefine visual computing by giving designers, engineers, scientists, and graphic artists the power to take on the biggest visualization challenges with immersive, interactive, photorealistic environments. Leveraging NVIDIA GPUs cards, SimpleCloud delivers virtual PCs from data centers around the world. Visual artists, and designers can access their applications and data from anywhere.

SimpleCloud works with the new NVIDIA A40 GPU. It accelerates the most demanding visual computing workloads, combining the latest NVIDIA Ampere architecture RT Cores, Tensor Cores, and CUDA® Cores with 48 GB of graphics memory. With the new A40 GPUs, you will run your demanding software such as Premier, Maya and Unreal 5 faster than ever in the cloud and run complex simulations in real time, accelerating the rendering of photorealistic images. All this is done while maintaining the certified compatibility with the market leading applications.


The software management layer developed by SimpleCloud, allows users to configure all infrastructure required in the cloud, simplifying complex systems for provisioning public clouds while maintaining all their availability and granularity. All from an attractive web interface. The capabilities of easily inviting new users to a project on the fly, rapidly configuring the storage as required by projects, and optimizing the power of the workstations per each user type or task, are just some examples that make SimpleCloud a unique service in the market.