29 Jun 2020

Sach Consulting specializes in Project Management, Construction Management and BIM Project Management and focuses on architecture, construction, planning, environmental services and sustainability.

Due to the current situation following the confinement measures implemented as a result of the glo-bal Covid-19 pandemic, the studio has had to continue to provide services to its clients whilst still looking for new business opportunities.

To do this, we had to make our project information available at all times using a secure site that could be accessed by anyone, anywhere. We needed a tool to help us work remotely, collaboratively and securely to continue our business operations.

After several failed tests using different VPN options, the solution was clear. SimpleCloud AECM, the cloud-based global platform that enables users to manage and create digital content, operates both within the cloud and in hybrid environments and has been developed for the architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, project management and BIM project management industries, has allowed the entire Sach Consulting team to continue working from home.

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