26 Jan 2022

Because virtualized workspaces make it easy to allocate robust resources to a variety of team members no matter where they work, they have become a valuable tool for organizations that depend on remote collaborative workflows. It’s not just the business sector taking advantage of this technology, though. An increasing number of colleges and universities are using virtual studios and workstations to offer courses and training never before possible.

Supporting collaborative studies, projects, and presentations, virtual workspaces are helping educational institutions provide tools with the powerful software tools, along with scalable compute power and storage, they need to train for work in both creative and technical fields.

Why the rise in adoption for virtual studios? Because today’s virtual studio solutions can be set up and implemented with incredible ease and a minimal investment of time and expertise. It’s possible to build out a studio and create virtual workstations in under an hour. Students or trainees can quickly join and start working collaboratively using the latest software tools, powered by the best of cloud computing. The platform is flexible, and management is simple.

Maybe this sounds too good to be true? Check outthe SimpleCloud case study on Rose Bruford College to see for yourself how easy it can be to deploy a virtual studio. Want more detail on how to do it yourself? Get the guide: “3 Keys to Creating the Right Virtual Workspace for Your Students.”

With solutions like the SimpleCloud cloud-based workspace, there are no barriers to creating a virtual studio. To see how it could work for you, watch our online demo or call to book a custom walkthrough. Contact here