21 Oct 2021

Building out a virtual studio at scale may sound hard or time-consuming to you, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Using a cloud-based solution, such as the SimpleCloud platform, you can get up and running quickly. You can create and tailor a virtual studio to your workflow and easily add remote workers to that workflow in a 100% cloud scenario or in a hybrid model. You can get it done fast!

Why is a cloud-based platform such a great solution? For one thing, it gives you incredible flexibility. It’s support for both hybrid and cloud models is just one example. You can start where you’re comfortable — maybe that’s with some on-premise deployments? — and shift to the cloud as you see the need, or opportunity. However you choose to do it, you maintain the ability to grow in any direction.

Flexibility is just one benefit of implementing a virtual studio. Ease of use is another great reason. You don’t need to be a tech expert to set up and manage your virtual studio. Instead, take advantage of a robust dashboard and browser-based UI for simple control over virtual studio management, faster workstation configuration, and easy extension of access to authorized users (no matter where they work). In addition to creating virtual workstations, you can create storage pools, give project members access to specific pools of content, and enable efficient collaboration across the team.

In fact, your control and management interface will allow you to do even more than that! You can use tools within the platform to set parameters for resource usage — and to scale up those resources quickly to meet the demands of a new project or quickly growing team. The benefits here are twofold. You can monitor and constrain costs associated with resource usages, and you can choose when to boost usage in order to address new requirements or new opportunities. (And you can always scale resources and costs back down again.)

Want  to see a virtual studio and virtual workstations in action? Check out the replay of our Autodesk University demo — or contact us to schedule a demo to talk through the platform and what it can do for your business!