24 Jan 2022

SimpleCloud, the global cloud-based remote workspace solution, announced today that it is available on IBM Cloud Catalog . SimpleCloud had additionally just won Best Ecosystem Partner from IBM Cloud Spain, the platform’s availability on IBM Cloud Catalog is another extension of its longstanding partnership and customer relationship.

SimpleCloud is a uniquely end-user focused global workspace as a service platform. It enables secure, flexible and seamless collaboration for all demanding tasks, including coding, digital content creation and management. SimpleCloud works in pure cloud as well as hybrid environments, extending easily on-premises infrastructure.

It uses virtual desk solutions with customizable graphic capacity in the cloud, allowing users to connect to virtual desktops from anywhere through any device, without disrupting working continuity and ensuring full security of tools and data. SimpleCloud can service all profiles and sizes of companies and industries, even the one with the most demanding needs such as architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, media & entertainment, higher education and research.

“We are so proud to be collaborating with the amazing teams of IBM and IBM Cloud on a global basis. Our relationship is based on trust and desire to provide end-users and clients with the most advanced technology in an easy and simple way,” said Olivier Wolff, CEO of SimpleCloud. “We built SimpleCloud directly on IBM Cloud Bare Metal servers to deliver the most secure and efficient service and are proud to count on the support of the IBM ecosystem.”

The integration of SimpleCloud into the IBM Cloud Catalog will make SimpleCloud part of the amazing offering of IBM and make its services accessible easily by IBM customers and partners.

SimpleCloud will allow IBM Cloud Catalog customers to enable remote work flexibly and ensure secure collaboration between employees as well as third parties from anywhere in the world, connecting to high performance virtual workstations from any basic device. In just 15 to 30 minutes enterprises can create a virtual studio and connect to a customized virtual machine.

For more information about SimpleCloud:

info@simplecloud.io or https://www.simplecloud.io/en/contact.html