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Easy to use, intuitive, User Interface. Anyone can configure professional and multisite IT environments without technical knowledge, ready in minutes, with only 3-5Mb/screen needed. It works even with 4G connection.


SimpleCloud fully adapts to the client’s business processes and way of working, with the ability to instantly ramp up and down the number and profile of machines to optimize performance when needed. Access your virtual machine from any device you have at hand (tablet, PC, thin clients …).


All team members from each discipline can work in real time, collaboratively in the same environment wherever they are around the world, using specific workstation profiles. All tasks and projects can be coordinated thanks to our project management and workflow tools.

Fully Secure

SimpleCloud leverages IBM Cloud’s highest security level, keeping tools and content directly in a secure Cloud vault controlled by the studio manager. Nothing stays on individual devices, if desired.

Enabling remote work when needed

Power up your business in a flexible way

A Simple Experience

Boost creativity

High performances

Your workstation can be upgraded instantly to your immediate needs for the time you want, from basic machines for office usage up to the most demanding machines. The new NVIDIA GPU A40 accelerates the most demanding visual computing workloads from the data center, combining the latest NVIDIA Ampere architecture RT Cores, Tensor Cores, and CUDA® Cores with 48 GB of graphics memory.

Do not change your way of working

SimpleCloud allows you to continue using any commercial or proprietary software and any customized tool you need. Up to four 4K screens can be supported.

All your programs, all your plugins

Our platform supports all commercial and proprietary software and enables you to refresh them as often as needed.


Work collaboratively and seamlessly from anywhere with whomever you want, whether you are in the office, at home, traveling or in a field location (for instance on a construction site).

Secure storage

Your data is in your own private vault hosted by IBM Cloud, the most secure of all clouds (*). It is backed-up and accessible securely. You can increase the capacity you need when you need it. Local on-premises back-ups can be programmed if desired. (*Gartner study Feb 2020).

Powerful processing services

Access to a variety of processing services (including CPU and GPU render, simulation, ...) with the capacity you need, for the time you need them.

Studio and Project management

Create and manage the infrastructure of your company without requiring high-level technical skills.

Hybrid implementation

SimpleCloud is compatible with your local infrastructure and enables you to extend it and take advantage of the cloud only when required. SimpleCloud gives you full control of costs and is flexible in terms of adding more users and computing power as needed.

Techonlogy at its best

Secure and reliable environment

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